About Me

Hi I'm Michael, I started focusing my side projects on indie game dev in August 2023. As part of that I created a YouTube channel named Game Dev With Michael. You can also find me streaming on Twitch in addition to YT. You can find all my links here:

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About this site

On this site, I write articles about topics that may not come up on stream or during videos or where I think having the info in text format is a better option. One example is this article about game jams:

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A lot of my articles are aimed at beginner game devs or the Godot Game Engine. If I come across something interesting or think of info I think is useful, there's a good chance I'll be posting about it here.

My goal is provide some interesting game dev topics and add some value to your game dev journey.


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I do have a small Discord sever that you can join here: